Last few Weeks Wrap Up

Hello lovelies! Looks like I am a little behind🙈 It has been super busy lately and only going to get busier the next few weeks. Everyone has been a little under the weather as well. I am ready for sunshine and warmer temps, but where I live you get snow, rain, record lows and record highs all in the same week😔

photo credit to Goodreads

Oh well… without further ado

I received this ebook from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

This book was so intriguing. I really enjoyed watching Elenora go from a maid to a lady, as she was meant to be. The Cinderella vibe along with the spy part of it is very neat. I like the 2 love interests, esp Ferdy and did not predict the twist. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

It does end in a cliffhanger

Omg!!! I finally made myself read this as I couldn’t bear for it to end. Sarah proves why she is a queen in this genre with this book. I have never had a book make me laugh, cry and want to throw up on the same page.

I adore them all and am so proud of them. I will miss them so. If you have not read this series, what are you waiting for??? I would love to know your thoughts on Chaol as it seems people are very mixed on feelings for him. I personally like him.

The final book in this series. It was not my favorite of the four but I definitely enjoyed it and Tucker was such a good guy. Looking forward to the spinoff Briar U.

I read this as part of a buddy read with Noly and Shelly.

The first half of the book was ok for me. It felt like something was missing but still enjoyable. It really picks up in the last half with a twist I didn’t see coming. It went really fast through some major plot points, but I look forward to book 2

Ok that’s all for this time! See you soon

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