I Love Winter Tag

My great friend Noly tagged me in this post. If you don’t follow her all ready, she is the kindest, sweetest person!

It’s been a while since I have done one of these!


  • List at least 5 points that make you like winter (you can do more if you like, but if you have problems coming up with the five, try thinking of the little things, as always 
  • Tag some other people (the number doesn’t matter)

Here Are Mine:

1. Christmas comes. It is my favorite holiday. I love everything that comes with Christmas!! The trees, the lights, the presents. I always wish for a Christmas with snow and I have hopes it will come one day.

2. Snow!! It is beautiful, but only if I don’t have to drive in it😔

3. Big fluffy blankets I can snuggle in

4. I got an adorable hat, glove and scarf set for Christmas I enjoy wearing.

5. Last but not least!!!

Boots and leggings😍 I love to wear boots and leggings. I miss them in the summer, but I do love my flip flops.


What are your favorite things about Winter?? I would love to hear them. Are any of mine on your list?

18 thoughts on “I Love Winter Tag”

  1. Yes, I love big fluffy blankets! I recently stayed at someone’s house and they had the biggest, fluffiest blanket I’d ever encountered and it was the best day ever. I also love winter because I like knitting and crocheting and like having the opportunity to wear all of the things I’ve made 😀

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