Last Few Weeks Wrap Up and Happy New Years!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I can’t believe the holidays are over and it’s back to work. I always hate for this time to arrive. Although, I am looking forward to a new year. I am not the type for resolutions, so I don’t have any of those.

I am so fortunate to have this blog and all my friends on Twitter to chat with and I hope to continue to do so this year.

On to the Books!!

These are the books I have completed since we last chatted

City of Lost Souls

I really enjoyed this book! It is non stop and kept me flipping pages. I am so glad Jace is back to himself and I hope him and Clary get a little peace. Still loving Simon and I am glad everyone seems to have worked through their relationship issues, well except Magnus and Alec. And Sebastian is still out there!!


I received a copy of this from Netgalley and Montlake Romance in exchange for my honest review.

Omg!! Sariah Wilson creates the perfect love stories. This is my second book by her and I absolutely adore them both. Ashton wanted so bad to hate Evan but he broke through all her walls. I love the sport and family aspect of the story too. This was so much fun!

Origin and Opposition (Shadows is a bonus story in the last book)

I hate that this story has ended. I loved this cast of characters and especially Daemon๐Ÿ˜ They all have to go through so much in an effort to save basically the whole world and it is at times heartbreaking, especially the losses. I am happy with the way it ended and loved Shadows for the chance to get to know Dawson and Bethany better. We learn so little about their past in the story, I am thrilled the author took time to give us this.

99 Percent Mine

I received this as a Goodreads giveaway winner and also shortly after, I was approved on Edelweiss by HarperCollins in exchange for my honest review.

I went in to this thinking it would be just like The Hating Game, which was one of my favorite reads of 2018, and was a little disappointed in the beginning.

This book is bolder, snarky and with some language. As the story went on, I found myself really enjoying it. The ending was nice. I could have done without the continuous remarks about how sexy the main character was(in graphic detail), but overall it was a fast, fun read.

Bring Me Home

I received this from the author in exchange for my honest review.

This book was a short, sweet romance set in College. It had a very happy ending and it think it was a good start for a debut author.

Now on to a new year! The last 2 books are counted on this year as I finished them today. So I am already 2 books down. Take that Goodreads!!

What are you reading?? Do you have any suggestions of books I need to read? I can’t believe it took me this long to find Cassandra Clare and Jennifer Armentrout!

25 thoughts on “Last Few Weeks Wrap Up and Happy New Years!!”

  1. I love Daemon from the Lux series!! I have only completed the first three but hope to pick up Origin before the end of the year! If you liked Jennifer Armentrouts writing you should check out some of her other books there excellent! Looks like you had a great reading month I wish you another year of great reading Happy New year!!

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