Wrap Up

Hi!! I finally got back around to catching up. Sorry I have been MIA again! Christmas is in full effect here. Shopping, wrapping, and parties have been keeping us busy. My shopping is done (for the 10th time or so😂) I just can’t pass up some of these sales.

We also have family coming home next week and a few birthdays before Christmas. So I may still be MIA for a little longer.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the books I actually managed to finish!!!

I received this ebook from Edelweiss and HarperCollins in exchange for my honest review.

This book was a roller coaster. I wanted the love between them to invest me and it didn’t. It was just placed in the background. I wanted to care about the characters and I didn’t.

It wasn’t a bad book at all. I just felt it was kind of all over the place. Nothing was really gone over in depth. There were so many major relationships that just kind of skimmed the surface.

This was an interesting murder mystery. People trapped in a bed and breakfast in the woods in a snowstorm, count me in. I definitely didn’t know who the killer was and it kept me guessing. Shari creates stories that put you out of your element and make you question everyone around you😂

I received a copy of this from Netgalley and Harlequin Teen in exchange for my honest review.

Omg! Where to start? This book gave me all the feels. It is such a deep book and the trauma of what one decision does to a family. My heart broke for the main characters of this story who were going through the same thing from different angles. I don’t want to give too much away, but this was so good. Abigail tore my heart out and made a new fan in me. I immediately ordered her other 2 books!

I borrowed this with my Amazon Prime. If you aren’t taking advantage of this, you should. This was so cute and fluffy and I couldn’t put it down! Chase was adorable and so was their romance. I can’t wait to read more from Sariah!!

And last but not least….

@iamheatherblair I couldn’t help myself. I had to finish it.

Jace…sweet Jace. Why can’t you catch a break?? Stay away from evil Jonathan. I just want you to be happy with Clary😭

Simon still makes me happy and I am glad he solved his women trouble. I am also happy Luke and Jocelyn get a happy moment.

What are you guys reading? What are your Christmas plans? Miss you all and hope to be more regular soon😍

14 thoughts on “Wrap Up”

  1. I read Even If I Fall this past week too. So. Good. I love Johnson. All three of her books were solid reads for me. I hope you enjoy them all! I am listening to the last TDA book right now. I will never leave the Shadow world.

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  2. Christmas is definitely a busy time but I hope you have a lovely celebration. You’ve read quite a lot– I think I have only read 2 book this past month.
    My only Christmas plan is to eat at the minute 😂

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  3. You got some great reading done! I’m super curious about the bed and breakfast murder mystery. Sounds spooky. Lol. I’ll be lucky if I get two books in this month. *sigh*

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  4. The Evermore and Unwanted Guest front covers are so beautiful! I love a good locked-room murder mystery, so I’ll definitely be looking the Shari Lapena book up 😊

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  5. Christmastime is a little overwhelming so I’m happily taking part in the #shortathon18 so I don’t stress over what to read for the rest of the year when I get distracted by shenanigans! 😂 My other goal is to finish my CRs that have been sitting out there on GR for wayyy to long (oops) 😬

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