Blog Tour: A Christmas Date

I received a copy of this ebook as a part of Rachel‘s Book Tour. Thank you so much to Rachel and Camilla! This has been my favorite Christmas Romance of the Year!!

Nikki is a Christmas Grinch. She is single on one of the happiest holidays of the year. She is a career woman and very busy. One day her sister, Julia, invites her to lunch, where she tells her she is engaged to Paul, who is Nikki’s friend and the guy she is in love with. Julia is taking Paul home for Christmas to meet the family. Nikki can’t think of a worse time.

After some advice from a coworker, she decides to hire an actor to play her boyfriend when she goes home to her parents. She hires a guy who is just like her sister’s dream man, just to spite her. He turns out to be gorgeous, caring and kind.

Over the trip, Nikki and Diego fall in love with each other, but a major fight with Nikki and her sister ends with Paul and Diego overhearing why the women were originally with them. Paul breaks off the engagement and leaves. Nikki realizes she doesn’t really love Paul, but that she is in love with Diego. She leaves to go find Paul to bring him back for Julia. Diego misunderstands and leaves before she returns.

Love seems to come when you least expect it. This was a such a fun book and it was cute to see how it played out. If you are looking for a cute, sweet Christmas story, give this one a try.

By far my favorite Christmas story of the year!!!

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