Blog Tour: Painting Blue Water

I am so honored to be a part of this blog tour for Painting Blue Water.

If you have not joined one of Rachel‘s Book Tours, please do! They are always so much fun!

The cover of this book drew me in immediately. It is absolutely gorgeous! It looks so peaceful and the color of the blue is stunning.

This book is all about moving on and starting over while finding yourself in the process. It’s about finding love when you least expect it. Finding people who become family.

Katherine is a real estate agent in New York with her best friend Andi. She is married to a wealthy man and is doing very well for herself. One day, her husband tells her he has found someone else and is leaving. She should feel destroyed but finds the marriage didn’t mean as much to her as she thought. Her husband drinks a lot and the marriage has been a show for way too long.

After she finally allows herself to mourn the loss of her marriage, she goes to the Met and finds a painting that reminds her of a place she was truly happy at as a child in Colorado. She decides to give up everything to go back there.

She used to paint every day and wanted so much to become a painter. She was talented, but getting started was hard. She gave up her dreams and started the real estate company and got married. Now, free from these burdens, she begins to paint again after seeing the beautiful blue lake the town is named after.

She meets the owner and the chef of the inn she is staying in, Mr. Trust and Mr. Murray. They are the sweetest 2 men. I adored them so much. They were kind and caring and made her feel so at home.

She also makes friends with some of the others. My heart was so full with the friendships she achieved with her new friend, Ginger and her old friend, Andi. It is rare to find one best friend you can trust, much less 2. It was so heartwarming to read.

The romance was so sweet and tender after the marriage she had. It was so deserved to both of them after the pasts they had.

Her paintings take off and become very popular. I was a little upset that Will wasn’t coming to New York for her, but so glad it worked out. My heart is broken in the end over the loss of one of the dear characters, but the ending was so perfect.

It makes you see what is important. That we need to take time to slow down and not be so rushed. To develop relationships and tend to them. A wonderful book!!

19 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Painting Blue Water”

  1. Great review! You’ve made me very intrigued and I like that it’s a book that’ll make you reflect what’s important. With Christmas coming up, it’s so easy to rush around, more so than normal, and it’s good to read books like this that remind you to slow down and appreciate the moments!

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