Book Tour: No One Cancels Christmas


I participated in the Book Tour for this book through Rachel @rararesources. If you are interested in Book Tours, she always has several to choose from. She is very easy to work with.

I enjoy all things Christmas, so I added several of these Christmas stories to help get me in the mood. This one did not disappoint!

Sarah runs a travel company with her aunt. Her parents left her when she was a small child at a Mountain Resort with her aunt and never returned. She has commitment issues and feels like she isn’t good enough. She is talking with her friend and coworker and she notices that the resort she loved, but associates with her most traumatic memory is getting horrible reviews. She sends a lot of her clients there for fun in the snow and Christmas memories. She is worried about what this will do for her company too. She decides to get in touch with the owner and see what is going on.

Will is running the Shooting Star Mountain Resort and he is literally in way over his head. His brother bought the resort with Will just helping to contribute money, but his brother just wants to have fun. Ed has no idea how to run the resort and it is going downhill fast. Will just needs somewhere to escape his past and something to keep him busy.

Sarah decides to take a trip there and straighten this all out and gets more that she bargained for…..

I liked that they were both a little damaged and could seek solace in each other. The atmosphere was fun. I am glad that she finally gets to talk with her father and get closure. What they find in each other is just what they needed.

Sarah has spent so much time pushing everyone away she doesn’t realize how many people care about her and that what she thought she knew about herself and her past was wrong. She is immature in the beginning, but has to grow up a lot by the end.

Thank you to Rachel, Zara and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book!

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