Last Week’s Wrap Up

Hi friends! This week I only have 2 for you because my other was for a book Tour. These 2 are definitely worth the read and Emily builds a world you want to read about.

I was lucky enough to receive This Cruel Design from Edelweiss and Simon Pulse in exchange for my honest review.

Of course I had to rush out and buy the first book so I knew what was going on.

These books were so exciting. I got so much more than I hoped. Even in the end, I have no idea who was really good or bad. It seemed everyone was a little of both. There were so many twists and turns. You never knew what was coming or who was who😂

How someone could get hurt that many times is beyond me?? They stayed hurt the whole time, but what they could do was so impressive. The romance I enjoyed and I hope Cole has the best intentions.

The main character is trying to do the right thing while battling the other part of her brain who also thinks she is doing the right thing. The right thing is not the same thing.

Overall, definitely worth the read!!

Until next time😍

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