Last Week’s Wrap Up: The Gilded King

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Hi! This has been a slower week for me as I have had so much going on, but I did manage to get a few read.


I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

This book has it all. It has vampires and zombies. It has a cute, if impossible love story. It also has a quest to save a friend who has long been lost.

Julia and Claudia are friends in the blue. They are not in great standing because of mistakes their parents made. Claudia becomes an attendant to a Noble and elevates her position. Julia does not desire to become anything other than what she is and wants to leave for the red as soon as possible. But no one knows what really happens outside the walls of the blue and if the stories are true, the red is no place to be. Claudia’s Noble takes blood from her everyday and leaves marks all over her. Julia cannot bear to see it. Then one day Julia is notified she has been chosen as a attendant to a boy named Lucas.

Lucas is nothing like she expected. He is kind. He has a rooftop apartment and he grows his own food. Her treats her with respect and never takes blood from her. One day Rufus, Claudia’s Noble tries to make a move on Julia. Lucas is forced to claim her to protect her. Eventually he bites a small mark on her ear and places a silver earring through it. Little does she now he has officially claimed her.

There is a claiming ceremony where Lucas is supposed to claim another but Rufus sees the earring and announces it and claims the girl Lucas was supposed to claim.

Meanwhile, Cam is out in the red searching everywhere for Emmy. The partner he lost so long ago. Everyone else has given up on her, but he will not. He receives a tip from the Empress and takes off again on a grueling journey to find her, but he finds much more. Possibly even love. But can Felix be trusted?

Such an interesting story! I will be honest that at first I had no idea what was going on but it is definitely action packed and leaves you wondering who is on what side. I can’t wait to find out what Emmy’s story is and if she can bring the Primus back like I assume.

The second part to this story, The Silver Queen, will be out on October 17. I will also be reviewing this book.

Definitely a fitting book for the spooky time of the year!

I got one more this week but it is a part of a blog tour and will be later in the month.

What did you read?

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