Last Week’s Wrap Up

This last week I read some great books, and even a 5 Star Read!!!! It has rained almost non stop here and has made for some pretty good reading weather!

Bright Ruin


I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This was a good ending to this series. It was full of suspense and excitement. We lost a few along the way, but overall a good story with a satisfying ending.

The Sapphire Affair


This was a short, fun read. It was pretty much insta romance, but the mystery kept me interested. I will definitely be reading book 2 to find out what the step dad is up to and what happened to all the money.

Two Dark Reigns


My 5 Star Read!!!

This book had it all and I adore these sisters. I hope in the end they can all be happy. Katharine is going crazy, Arsinoe is on a quest, and I am afraid Mirabella has turned from her sister. So many questions!!! I cannot wait for the next book! I was absorbed from page 1.

Rich People Problems


The perfect ending to this series! I was overall pretty happy how it all ended. Nick and Rachel got a happy ending. Astrid went through a major change, as did Colin and Araminta (who becomes close friends with Kitty😱), and Kitty finally gets ahead. So many people and so much drama. I am sad this series is over.

I must force myself to read ARCS this next week because I have deadlines coming up. October is full of them, but these books above were so much fun.

What are you reading? Have you read any of these?

23 thoughts on “Last Week’s Wrap Up”

    1. Actually the worst thing I can do is buy a book. If I check them out from the library or it is a review copy I know I have a deadline, so the books I own just sit. I have yet to be able to stop myself from requesting more


      1. How much time do you have? 😂

        My blog is 95% romance in some variety. I have a section called Favorites under reviews if you want to check it out. But there are lots and lots more. Emma Chase, Emma Scott, Jill Shalvis are some of my favorites!

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