Books from A to Z

I love to talk books and I have so many. After staring at my shelves, I wondered if I had read or have a book for every letter. I know…who does this?? But now I have, so let’s give it a try!!

Books A-Z

A-A Court of Wings and Ruin

B-Bright Ruin

C-Crazy Rich Asians



F-Fight or Flight

G-Gilded Cage

H-He Loves You Not

I-Ignite Me

J-Jubilee Manor


L-Like Never Always

M-Map of Fates

N-Never Have I Ever

O-One of Us is Lying

P-Paper Princess

Q-Queen of Shadows


S-Shatter Me

T-Throne of Glass



W-War Storm





Well, it appears I have nothing for the bottom 3. How sad!

Do you have anything for the bottom 3? Have you read any of these?



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