What do I want with my blog??

Hi! I have been so busy lately and I just have not had the time to devote to my blog that I would like. I would love to do this all the time, but realistically I work a full time job. I am a wife and a mother. And…I have a TBR pile that could crush me any moment😂 I have two full bookshelves and a kindle full of unread books. Yet everyday I am scouring Amazon, the library ebook app and all of the other sites I use to buy books and we won’t talk about all the ARCs I requested and can’t work my way through🙈

So I have been questioning myself as to what I want to do with this blog. What do I want to accomplish? I have looked at some of your blogs and I am ashamed of my reviews. Some of the blogs are lengthy and so well written they should appear in a magazine or on the books themselves and I’m over here like “yeah it was good”. I see some of you post almost everyday. I am amazed at all the bookstagram photos(and to be honest, a little terrified at having to find so many ways to photograph a book). The creativity you guys put out and the effort I see is astounding.

But for me…

I keep coming back to this…

I love to read. It makes me happy. I love to find a good book and escape to a different place, explore a culture I am unfamiliar with, find life friends, explore love. I love the feel of a book in my hands and the comfort it gives me. I started this blog as a place to just talk about what I have read and learn about new books from others and boy, have I done that😍 I have met so many wonderful, kind and helpful people. I have fangirled with some of the best and met friends I just know would be my best friends if we could ever met. People who make me smile throughout the day. I have learned about new books and purchased some just because of what you guys thought.

THIS is what I want from my blog. The stats are excellent and the numbers keep me in awe, but I will never be the blogger who can do a super long review. I can never be the blogger who posts everyday and has the perfect, eloquent post. I’m just a girl who loves books and wants to talk about them. And that’s ok.

I admire so many of you and am so proud of what you are accomplishing. And to those of you, who actually take the time to like, comment, tag or share any of my work, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart!!😍

49 thoughts on “What do I want with my blog??”

  1. Aw, I adore you! Just do you and do what you can, when you can. That’s all that really matters! Short reviews are great too. I try to mix long and short because the average person skims and reads a post in under 2 mins. I think you are doing great!

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  2. Good for you! You need to do what feels right for you! When you wrote, “I’m just a girl who loves books and wants to talk about them. And that’s ok.”. I wanted to scream, YES! Me too!
    We all need to be our authentic selves and do what’s right for ourselves.

    💜 Much love for you and your blog!

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  3. I can totally relate! I’m a wife, mom of two, with a full time job a mammoth TBR AND writing a novel 😊 I’m happy to see you at least post reviews, even if they are short! I haven’t post a review in ages! Good for you and for being happy with what you are doing! Wish you the best! 😊

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      1. I’ve been feeling the same way about my blogging because I’ve been kinda of MIA this summer trying to meet a writing deadline.

        It helps so much that The community is very supportive.

        I can see all the positive and supportive comments you are getting!

        You are loved! ❤️ That definitely makes you enjoy blogging 😊

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  4. I feel this! Sometimes, looking at other blogs is so intimidating. I feel insecure about the number of my followers and the engagement I get on my blog. 😂😭 I sometimes think about what I can do to have a wider reach but I’m still working on it. 😂 But yeah, I started this because I love reading and writing reviews. All I want for my blog is to be able to spread word about the great books that need to be read. 😆 Love this post. ❤️

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    1. Thank you! I enjoy talking with you😊 I like to talk about books and I feel like sometimes the numbers overwhelm me. Of course I want to grow and reach and met new people, but I don’t want to compare myself to full time bloggers anymore, because I know I just don’t have the time to do everything they do. I am just so glad to have met everyone and have the opportunity to chat a little.

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  5. You do you. We need to all be your own person, and I like your quick reviews. I want to try doing bullet-point reviews sometimes, but I am one of those who has too much to say… ☺

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  6. I do the same with books, but getting those reviews out can sometimes be a pain, especially when my mind is like yep/nope/yep/maybe/I dunno… ☺

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  7. Hallo, Hallo,…

    Coming through via my #blogging4books page of reference! (smiles) I haven’t had the proper chance to truly visit with everyone yet – I made some random appearances when we were first getting together via our DM chat but then, life & tides + more than my fair share of lightning storms derailed my efforts! I’m hoping I can get into a rhythm of visitations now and regularly make a presence! 🙂

    I decided to start with reading this lovely post of yours — as I was relating on Twitter a moment ago – you just need to blog the way you feel is authentically right for being YOU. You want your blog to be your own unique niche of peace online. Our blogs are a reflection of who we are and the ways in which we want to present ourselves to the book blogosphere – (if that is our path of focus) – however this articulates itself into creation is the right avenue to take! 🙂

    Some of us are writers moonlighting as book bloggers – (*raises hand) – some are more keen on being straight-up reviewers w/o blogging the heart out of stories (*smiles, I’m the latter) – whereas others are readers who simply want to create a connection to fellow readers and keep their blogs conversational and be a space they can return to as time allows as they have a heap of things on their plate IRL. These are only a few examples… my own life has its share of strife & adversities too, as well as being a migraineur, you could say my own blog gets derailed by real life often enough. (lol)

    I love how you spoke about the book blogosphere – the diversity of book bloggers and readers and how we’re all striving for the same thing: to reach out, connect to each other and hope we’ll find a circle of chatty bookish spirits who will want to visit with us, comment on our blogs and share a portion of our bookish lives. It is the best feeling when we find those connections and find those chatters willing to leave us notes… celebrate your journey and embrace who you are… there is not right or wrong way to blog. The best way is to be yourself and own your blogging style and voice. Be YOU. *always!*

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  8. Love this post and I can totally relate. I started my blog as none of my friends or family read like I do. Like yourself I’m a Mom so I don’t always get to write more than one post per week, but alas I am happy with the connection and the enjoyment of reading books.

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  9. Every blog is different! But I can’t say much I do the same as you, I look at other blogs and think what could I do better, how can I post differently, what can I write about apart from books. but you have to do what makes you happy! I am just known for my crazy way of writing as I just brain dump everything and have a few OMG in there (I am known for that) but your blog is your baby. So do not be too hard on yourself. People out there are reading your blog, and they want to hear what you say otherwise why would they be here. I am now adding you to my follow list because I want to read your reviews ❤ xx

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  10. Wow I feel like you put all my feelings onto the page because that’s it for me too… I love reading and sharing my love with fellow Book lovers… And I will never be the one to write eloquent and critical reviews but I’ll still write them in my own incoherent manner and still enjoy doing it…
    Thank you for putting it all into words 😊😊😊

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