Last Week’s Weekly Wrap Up

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Hi everyone!! Hope you are having a wonderful week. I have been trying to work my way through some ARCs I have gotten. I have some book tours scheduled in the next month or so and I have so many books I am excited to read. Here is what I accomplished last week😊

Finished books

1. Love Punked


This book totally surprised me!! Nia allowed me a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review. At first the language was hard for me to follow, I almost gave up on it but wanted to give a honest review, so I kept going. I was rewarded with a real, emotional experience that was wonderful. I rooted for Erin every step of the way. I loved how mature she was for her age and how she kept striving to be better for her children. The true friendships were so nice. Teenage years are so difficult and Erin experienced so much. Sometimes love is patiently waiting.

2. Hollywood Ending


Another great surprise. I received a copy of this from Netgalley and Midnight Ink in exchange for my honest review. This was so funny. Dayna was so determined to solve this crime and her friends and the situations were hilarious. I immediately bought the other book in the series. I am so glad I took a chance on this one.

3. Battle With the SEAL


I received a copy of this from Netgalley and Relay Publishing in exchange for an honest review. This was a fun steamy romance. It was definitely insta attraction for these two. I enjoyed the rest of the cast as well. Nice quick read.

4. Anna and the French Kiss


I asked you guys for a light, fun read because last week had some dark, heavy stuff and this was one of the top suggestions. I borrowed the ebook from the library. Loved this one! I enjoyed the slow burn friendship to romance and it was totally worth it. Thanks for the recommendation😊

5. Boy Band


Jacqueline sent me a copy of two Books. I have always liked the band setting and read this one first. All of the band members were so different and fun. It was so exciting to go on this journey with them and see where the romance would go between Sam and Melissa. The ending was a major cliffhanger that had me rushing to get book 2. Can’t wait to continue this story!


Next Week



It looks like next on my list is Catwoman by Sarah J Maas. My ebook hold is in😊 I think I may also try to finish the final Pretty Little Liars book before jumping back to the ARCs.

Also it was my birthday and I may or might not have bought way too many books. Look for the pictures when they arrive😂

I also won a giveaway by the lovely @ForLoveandBooks!! I am so excited to read these 2 books! I can’t believe I actually won a giveaway! I am in awe!!

Check back next week to see what I have gotten into. You never know what I will read next!

17 thoughts on “Last Week’s Weekly Wrap Up”

  1. How did you like the PLL series books? I want to pick them up, but I’m apprehensive because I’ve seen the series. Will I be disappointed?

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    1. I liked them. Of course with there being so many books it kind of wears on you but it was fun. I talked with a friend who has watched the series and it is nothing like the books. So if you read them, don’t expect it to be like the show.

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      1. Sounds like The Vampire Diaries, I completely hated the books, because it was so underwhelming compared to the series. There was even a ghost Elena and stuff. But, I am collecting the PLL books, so I’m gonna binge them when I have them all. ♥

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