Review: Ronaldo The Phantom Carrot Snatcher


The lovely Maxine Sylvester contacted me and wondered if I would be interested in reviewing her book in exchange for an honest review. This looked too cute to pass up.

In this book, reindeers Ronaldo and Rudi are best friends and they are enrolled in the flying academy. Ronaldo is being bullied by one of the other reindeers. Someone is also stealing his carrots. On his way home, he finds a…WOLF. Reindeers are very afraid of wolves. This particular wolf’s name is Ernie and she is very small. Ernie tells him she has been separated from her pack. She is scared and has nowhere to go.

Renaldo becomes her friend, along with Rudi and they make flyers to drop out of the sky while they are flying to help Ernie’s family find her. They cannot go to the wolves because they are afraid they will be eaten.

My Honest Opinion

This book is adorable and perfectly explores the innocence of childhood. It touches upon bullying and how cruel other children can be. The unlikely friendship between the reindeer and the wolves was so fun and I would recommend this book to any child(or parent) for that matter.



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