This or That Book Tag


This or That Book Tag

Thanks to Noly @ theartsyreader for tagging me in the This or That Book tag. I think I am read to handle these questions! Wish me luck!

1. Series or standalone?
It depends on what mood I am in. I mostly like series but standalones are good to sneak in too.

2. Magic earned or magic born?
I think magic born.

3. Enemies to lovers or friends to lovers?
Enemies to lovers because it is so much more satisfying to see the complete turn around and the love that blooms.

4. Hilarious banter or emotional ruin?
Hilarious banter definitely…My heart can only handle so much emotional ruin. A good laugh is always needed.

5. Love triangle or insta love?
Love triangle. Its nice to pick and one of my favorites is The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall. I loved them both, but Stellan…woohoo

6. Keyboard smash names or all names start with the same letter?

Same letter

7. Mean parents or dead parents
Neither….it seems to be such a plot device for so many books.

8. Supermodel looks or constantly says how “plain” they are?
Supermodel definitely. I get tired of being constantly reminded how plain they are. I would much rather they be so good looking I have to fangirl!

9. Face on cover vs. typography on cover?
Typography. I love pretty scenes and pictures. It bothers me when they don’t look like how I imagine them.

10. Villain turning a little good or hero turning a little bad?
Villain turning a little good. It makes them seem more real and who doesn’t love a little bad guy.

11.Best friend dies or love interest dies?
Best friend? I don’t really like it when anyone dies, but love interests tear your heart out.

12. Awesome writing with a dull plot or amazing plot with murderously bad writing?
Awesome with a dull plot. I hate when you want to like it so bad, but it just cannot be liked.

13. Cliffhanger ending or heartbreaking ending?
Cliffhanger. Then I want to read the next book. No one wants their heart ripped out.

14. Breaking the spine or dog-earing the pages?
Ummm neither. No form of book torture is acceptable.

15. “Bad boy” trope or “perfect golden boy” trope as the love interest?
I definitely love the bad boy, but golden boy can be exciting too. Especially if they are a little bad.


Please leave your answers below or do the tag if you would like! I would love to hear your answers

21 thoughts on “This or That Book Tag”

  1. Great post!! I like a cliffhanger ending too, makes me so excited for the next book. And I fully support the no book torture and I always tell my sister she shouldn’t bend the spines of her books. 😂 xx

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  2. This is such a fun post. I completely agree it annoys me when they give me the characters faces I like to imagine and create them as the story develops.

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