Review: Sea Witch

First of all let me say, this cover is gorgeous! It was one of the things that immediately drew me to this book.

This is a story of 3 childhood friends. Nik is a prince, Anna is a girl from a wealthy family, and Evie is a girl who is from a less fortunate family. They were the best of friends. One day, they were out playing. The girls decided to swim and race each other to see who could win. The water was too rough and both girls went under. Nik jumped in to try and save them. He managed to save Evie, but could not save Anna.

The actual story takes place 4 years later. They are celebrating Prince Nik’s 16 birthday on a ship. Evie sees someone watching her inside the ship and thinks it is Anna. She rushes to look over, but does not see anyone. Later, Nik, Evie and Nik’s cousin, Prince Iker are out on a boat and Nik goes overboard. They try to find him, but he is nowhere to be found. While they continue searching, Evie sees a woman hovering over what could be a body down the shore. As she approaches, the woman disappears into the sea. A MERMAID!!!!

Evie meets a runaway girl named Annemette and they quickly become friends. Annemette has magic just like Evie which is banned where they live. She figures out her new friend is a mermaid. She reminds her so much of Anna, that she is convinced that this is what happened to her friend when she drowned. She tells Evie she only has a few days to receive true loves kiss or she will die. She can no longer return to the sea. If she does not receive a kiss from Nik, she cannot stay human.

That’s when the true story begins….

I adored this book! I was completely caught up in the story.  The ending was crazy! I hated that it happened, as I was hoping for happiness. The relationship between Nik and his cousin Iker was so fun. They were more like brothers and I enjoyed their banter. Evie was such a deep character with unresolved issues, in life and love.



16 thoughts on “Review: Sea Witch”

  1. I want to read this book so bad. I just finished To Kill A Kingdom and I need another book that’s sea worthy. Plus that cover is drop dead gorgeous.

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