Mid Week Check In

Hi! How is your week so far? I am a little behind on my reading. I did 2 ARC reviews, finished 1 book and chatted a lot on twitter😊

I finished Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan! This book was so fun! There were a lot of different names and places to follow, which confused me a little, but I was very entertained by this. I am really rooting for Rachel and Nick. How awful are his family? Rachel has a lot to overcome if she is going to make it in this world. I also adore Astrid! She is one of my favorite characters. I hope she has better luck in book 2.


What to do for the rest of the week?

I have started:

Toxic by Sara Shepard

Gilded Cage by Vic James

The Traitor’s Game by Jennifer Nielsen

Hoping to make some progress😂

What are your plans for the rest of the week? What are you reading?

See you back Soon🌸

26 thoughts on “Mid Week Check In”

  1. I am participating in the 7in7 readathon this week so I have a lot going on but one book I really want to finish is IT by Stephen King. I started that book 9 months ago and I am determined to finally finish it.

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  2. Crazy rich asians is on my pile of books by my couch rn… my TBR truly is all over the place but I’m hoping I’ll get around to reading it after I complete a couple of ARC’s! Also I have heard good things about the Traitors Game so I wish you luck with that 🙂

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